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Chartered Business Accountant in Penrith and Springwood, Sydney

Our team of specialist Accountants deliver tax returnsĀ and accounting services for startup and SME business around Penrith and Springwood, Sydney NSW.

David Rea, Principal,
Chartered Accountant and CPA

Rea & Associates are a growing accounting firm specialising providing accounting and tax solutions for small to medium businesses.

We are located in Springwood, Blue Mountains NSW and Penrith, NSW. Our clients however are located throughout Australia including Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queenlsand. We also cater to clients temporarily or permanently located overseas, with busineses or investments located in Australia.

Whether it be business acquisition or disposal, annual accounting and tax preparation, a specific tax planning project, our primary focus is encapsulated in our mission statement, Building Business Success for our clients through Knowledge, Strategy and Timely Advice. Our aim is to add value to your business.

To achieve this we invest in the ongoing training and professional education of our team, to ensure that our team are in the best possible position to assist you.

We plan and implement strategies that will put you, our clients, in the best position possible, this year, next year and for the long term.

We focus on communicating effectively, openly and positively with you, our clients, so that you find it a positive experience to deal with us, and we ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

Our relationship with you, our clients is important to us, we focus on building trust with our clients through consistent, knowledgeable and timely advice.

What you can expect from us as your accountants

1. We return your phone calls within 1 business day. Yes sometimes we will be in a meeting, or out of the office with a client, but we will return your phone calls same day, or where we are out the office for the entire day, at the earliest opportunity the following day. If your call is urgent, then our team members will ensure that your message is delivered to us earliest opportunity.

2. We will not charge you for 2 minute phone calls. If we cannot answer your question on the spot and we need to research or perform calculations, then this is when advice will be charged. We can provide an estimate of scope and cost for additional work or research projects that we do.

3. While we perform our work on and charge on a time basis, We can provide a fixed fee for an agreed scope of work, if that is your preference. If we see the need for additional work to be completed outside of the current scope of work we will call you prior to commencing this work and discuss the scope and cost with you.

4. We understand the business of being in business. We know how tough it can be. We like to invest the time to visit your premises and understand your business so we can have clear understanding of what you do and how you operate.

We have a wide range of commercial business experience and can assist in finding practical solutions to the challenges that arise day to day.

5. We are accountants on call, we will be there for you in the event of a tax audit, GST, payroll tax, workers compensation etc. We have experience in dealing with the taxation office, OSR and workers comp audits and will handle the process to minimise the stress and inconvenience to you. As the first point of contact with the tax office, often we will handle a matter with the taxation office and resolve the issue the day the matter is raised with us based on the records and information we have to hand. It is all dealt with in a painless and no fuss manner, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

6. We will not miss a lodgement deadline. We schedule our work to ensure that lodgement deadlines are met for our clients. We will call and remind you when work is due to come in, we will send checklists to assist you in compiling information, we will obtain extensions should you have a circumstance that prevents lodgement for example health or circumstances outside your control . In the past we have arranged lodgement extensions for substantial periods due to major health issues, loss of business in fire.

7. We are on your side and will liaise with the tax office to get the best result for you every time whether that be a payment arrangement that suits you, a lodgement extension, private ruling, objection to an assessment, amendment of a return, remission of interest and penalties. We have been extremely successful in handling difficult issues for some time.

8. We will be proactive in our communication with you, and we like our clients to communicate with us. If you have a question call us, it may mean we can save you from making a mistake, or assist in structuring a transaction in the most tax effective way, or simply put your mind at rest over something that is bothering you.

9. We like to add value for our clients, we realise that compliance costs, that is preparing accounts and tax returns for lodgement to the tax office can feel like dead money to you our clients. We will assist in helping you to maintain records &provide the information in the most cost effective way for you. We have structured our systems and processes to minimise costs where we can BUT we do a thorough job that means you can sleep at night because your returns completed correctly. We are confident in our ability, we are not the cheapest accountant but we are VALUE FOR MONEY. A number of our clients are large size entities located in town or interstate because they recognise this, we have had 2 larger size clients leave because they thought they had outgrown our firm, only to return promptly after their experience with larger size inner city accountancy firms.

10. We care how long it takes us to do your work. We have implemented Key Performance Indicators within our firm. We track the time it takes to turn a job around. We endeavour to complete work in an efficient and time effective way. We know that the more promptly we complete a job, the less the cost to you. We will also work with you to ensure that you provide us with the information we need to do the job accurately, efficiently and promptly. If we can make suggestions to you at the end of the job on what you can to do to decrease our fee next year then we do.

11. Where we see an opportunity to do so we refer work to our clients. If you are looking for a great deal on a new car we may refer you to a car dealer client, if you are looking for assistance in obtaining finance we may refer you to a finance broker client. We see a mutual benefit in being able to refer people to an appropriate supplier. We similarly seek and regularly receive referrals from our client base. This is an important source of new clients for us. This is also why we want to be the best we can be for you.

12. We complete staff training and development within our firm, and encourage our staff to pursue further professional qualifications. We provide generous study leave for our team members to do this. We also subscribe to top of the line tax publications and research subscriptions which are available to our team. We want our staff to be the best they can be for you.

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