How we will save you money!

We offer a cost effective accounting and taxation solutions tailored to suit small and medium size business. Our aim is to help you grow your business sustainably and profitably and we understand the challenges that you face as a business owner. We aim to offer the best service, advice and reliability in the marketplace, and that’s how we save you money.

We aim to keep our operating costs low and efficiency high so we can pass our savings on to you. By investing in systems and training our team, we are efficient in the services we deliver and we focus on achieving a fast turnaround time on the work we undertake.

Our team is made up of people who desire to help you grow a strong business through knowledge, strategy and timely advice.

Our Guarantee

Nobody we’ve met wants to pay more in tax than they are legally obliged to. So we focus on ensuring that not only is this years tax position the best result for you, but that planning for your next year and the year after and the year after that is not forgotten.

If you put your tax work through us you can rest easy, we guarantee you will not pay any more tax than you are obligated to.

How we charge our for our work

Hourly rate or fixed fee, it’s your decision but either will represent great value for you. We prepare a time budget for each assignment we are given to ensure that the right time and the right resources are allocated to that job.

So with that in mind, we record and monitor the time spent and compare it with your recurring work and with work of a similar nature and scope, to make sure the time spent is right and to look for ways to work even more efficiently.

At the end of each assignment we review our time log, which is then valued at the hourly rates for each team member engaged and the final fee for you is determined at that time.

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