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Accounting & Business Services

As accountants we naturally attend to the preparation of Financial Statements for all entities, including end of year accounts, interim accounts and special purpose reports for you.

We have implemented systems and procedures to ensure the quality, efficiency and timeliness of our accounting services.

Our team has experience in providing accounting advice and assistance from small to large entities, and are able to complete consolidated financial statements where required for large groups.

We can advise you on accounting systems and controls as required for your business, which can ensure the that your systems and processes are efficient and effective.

Should you need assistance with your accounting system set up or ongoing maintenance, we are on call, we are familiar with most accounting systems and packages including Attache, MYOB, Quickbooks, Cash Flow Manager.

At the end of year we ensure that you are provided with an updated file or end of year adjustments to bring your accounting data file into line with completed financial statements.

For accountants on call contact us at advice@rea-associates.com.au or 02 4751 4444.

Business Activity Statements

We provide the level of assistance that is tailored to your requirements, whether we merely provide assistance on an occasional basis to clients who prepare and lodge their own returns, to a limited review of your records and the BAS return, and attending to lodgement of quarterly Business Activity Statements , or where we take care of your Business Activity Statements from start to finish every quarter.

We particularly recommend that our assistance is obtained when dealing with large or unusual transactions, for example acquisition or sale of a business, property or large asset to ensure that your GST is reported correctly and to minimise the risk of review by the Australian Taxation office.

Business Purchase

Should you be considering the purchase of a business, it is important to obtain assistance and advice from a qualified accountant to avoid many of the potential pitfalls.

Some of the matters for consideration are;

  • Is the price of the business too high?
  • What is the true value of the business?
  • Is the goodwill of the business transferable?
  • What may be the hidden or contingent liabilities should you acquire the business?
  • Are you aware of the costs involved in acquiring and running the business?
  • Can you afford the business?
  • What is the best business structure to operate your new business in?
  • What steps should you take prior to and after the acquisition of a new business?
  • What is the best way to structure your remuneration from the business?
  • Acquiring employees with the business? What do you need to know? What are your obligations with respect to leave entitlements?
  • What systems and processes do you need in place to ensure your accounting records are adequate and accurate?

We will ensure you have all the information required to make an informed decision and can assist you with every step of the acquisition process from consideration of a business, business valuation, due diligence, respond to vendor, review of contract, to provision of a must do checklist after acquisition and establishment of accounting systems and processes.

For assistance with your business purchase call us on 02 4751 4444 or email advice@rea-associates.com.au for an appointment, our initial consultation is free, should you engage us to assist you with your business acquisition or establishment.

Corporate Secretarial

We provide a complete range of corporate secretarial services to support your business. This means that we handle all the paperwork required with setting up a suitable business structure for you, and maintaining the statutory records of the business for the life of the entity. We make this a painless process for you ensuing that you can have peace of mind knowing that all the necessary documentation has been attended to.

We attend to the following on your behalf;

  • Advising on the most appropriate business structure for you or your business
  • Handling the registrations of companies, provision of trust deeds partnerships and joint ventures agreements and superannuation fund set ups.
  • We assist you with the registration of business names and with corporate, business names and title searches.
  • We explain and interprete clauses within an entity’s Constitution, Trust Deeds and Agreements, and ensuring that proposed commercial transactions adhere to those Rules.
  • We make certain that your business’ s members’ and officeholders’ registers are accurately maintained and that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) databases are updated promptly when changes occur.
  • We ensure that the annual ASIC lodgement requirements are met and you are not penalized for late lodgement penalties.
  • We can assist in the winding up or deregistration of companies, trusts and superannuation funds where these entities are superfluous to your needs.

Should you require a new business or investment entity structure, or assistance with your current entity contact us now at advice@rea-associates.com.au

Deceased Estates

The firm and team has a long history of dealing with deceased estates.We specialise in assisting the completion of Date of death & trust returns for deceased estates, we provide this service to solicitors and also to our client base. We regularly deal with solicitors throughout the local area and work to ensure that the Estate is able to be administered in a timely manner. We are good at resolving issues relating to missing records and ensuring that the matter proceeds regardless of the various difficulties that arise.
We assist local solicitors in the administration of deceased estates, attending to taxation obligations of those estates.

If you are a solicitor or an executor for an estate and require assistance in ensuring that all taxation matters are addressed correctly contact us at advice@rea-associates.com.au or 02 4751 4444.

Financial Analysis, Cash Flows & Budgeting

We regularly provide assistance in compiling information to accompanying finance applications including preparing interim accounts where required, preparing cash flow or budget projections and also instalment warrants for self managed superannuation funds.

Whether you just need to fund a plant and equipment, or a business or property acquisition, let us help you liaise with your financie to obtain the funds you need to grow and develop your business.

Goods & Sevices Tax

We assist we advising on GST on transactions especially large or unusual transactions, to ensure that your GST obligations are met.

We also assist with registration and deregistration for GST for various entities.

GST Audits – should you be subject to a GST audit, we can assist with preparation for the visit, liaise with the taxation office and help make the whole process as painless as possible.

Where required we can attend to requests for private rulings from the taxation office to provide certainity on the nature and impact of a specific transaction/s for your business.

Investment – Property, Superfunds & Shares

We assist with all your investment related needs, including structuring your investments to ensure that you are in the best tax position possible

Property –

  • advice prior to purchasing a rental/investment property, (commercial or residential),
  • Capital Gains, Taxation & GST advice relating to property
  • Advice on deductions and allowances with respect to your commercial property
  • Building Write Off Allowance schedules
  • Ensure that you are aware of all allowable deductions on your investment property

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

  • Share registers and track cost base
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculations and Planning
  • Advice on Taxation, Capital Gains Tax and Pensions with respect to Self Managed Funds
  • Shares
  • Maintaining Share registers and track cost base
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculations
  • Reconstruction of Cost Base of shares where records lost or destroyed

For assistance with respect to tax planning and structuring your investments contact us at advice@rea-associates.com.au or 02 4751 4444

Self Managed Super Funds

The popularity of Self Managed Superannuation Funds is undeniable. We have developed a speciality in this area to assist you.
We can advise you whether a self managed superannuation fund is right for you, (they are not right for everyone),and will assist in set up and annual compliance. We make this a pain free process. All documentation that is required is attended to on your behalf.

If you have a fund that may be in breach of current SIS legislation, we can assist you to rectify the breach and avoid the risk of the Australian Taxation Office deeming the fund non complying and the resulting potential significant tax consequences that arise in this event.

We handle;

  • Superannuation fund audits
  • Advice on account based pensions, calculation of minimum and maximum pension amounts
  • Advice on contributions, deductibility and compliance
  • Income Tax Returns and Taxation advice with respect to Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Taxation provisions applying to superannuation contributions
  • Advice on Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, and related legislation
  • Advice on Superannuation Guarantee Charge Act 1992
  • Investment restrictions for super funds
  • In house assets rules
  • Assistance & advice with respect to Instalment Warrants, including financing a property acquisition utilising instalment warrants
  • Accounts Preparation for Self Managed Superfunds – Pension and Accumulation Phase
  • Audit of Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Maintenance of Investment Registers and Calculation of Capital Gains on disposal of Investments
  • Preparation of Minutes and other secretarial requirements

For any matters relating to superannuation in general or self managed superannuation funds contact us at advice@rea-associates.com.au or call 02 4751 4444 for an appointment to discuss your situation.

Tax Planning & Taxation Consulting

  • Our focus is on providing the right advice & strategies tailored for you in a timely manner. The result will be the best possible tax position for you – We GUARANTEE IT.
  • You will not pay more tax than you should with us.
  • We provide peace of mind, we ensure that your tax returns and business activity statements are completed and lodged on time.

Your initial consultation to discuss your business tax situation and how we can best assist you is free.

We also provide

  • Advice with respect to Record keeping & Substantiation requirements for Income Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Capital Gains and GST Purposes
  • GST advice on specific transactions including sale /acquisition of business & property
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning, Structuring and advice on specific transactions including sale /acquisition of business, & property whether residential or commercial
  • Taxation Consulting, Planning & Structuring for businesses small, medium or large tailored to your particular circumstances.
  • Taxation Advice relating to specific transactions or matters as required, including finance, leasing, acquisition or disposal of an asset
  • Preparation of Income Taxation Returns for all entities, including Individuals, Companies, Trusts and Superannuation Funds. Including preparation of Consolidated Taxation Returns for large groups where required.

For an appointment contact us at advice@rea-associates.com.au or telephone 4751 4444

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